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HSE Vaccine Portal Opens For 25 To 29-Year-Olds


12:54 16 Jul 2021

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25 to 29-year-olds have been urged to sign up to the HSE's vaccine portal today.


It comes as officials try to get as much of the population protected before Delta variant cases get a chance to surge further.


over 25's can register for the mRNA Vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) or the AstraZeneca if they chose to pursue the pharmacy route.


HSE Covid vaccine rollout lead, Damien Mc Callion says it's up to young people to make that choice, depending on how eager they are to get a jab.


"The preferred vaccine expressed by NIAC is the mRNA vaccine, we'll also be clear on Monday when we open that up, what the target date would be if they waited for the mRNA vaccine," Mc Callion said.


From Monday, 18 to 24-year-olds will be able to register for AstraZeneca vaccines through pharmacies also.


More than 60 percent of Irish adults are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


While 75 percent have had at least 1 vaccine dose, according to the head of the vaccine taskforce.


Professor Brian MacCraith, chair of the vaccination taskforce says today's "a very significant day" in the programme, with the country also hitting the milestone of 5 million doses administered.


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