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Former Player Calls For Change In GAA Attitudes From Underage Level


11:07 27 Jun 2022

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It follows the mass brawl at the end of Galway v Armagh yesterday. 

A change in attitude around fighting at GAA matches needs to start at an underage level.

That's the view of former Galway player Ray Silke, who condemned a brawl at yesterday's senior football quarter-finals in Croke Park.

Gardaí say they've yet to receive a complaint about the fight.

However several incidents - including apparent eye-gouging - will be investigated by the Central Competitions Control Committee.

All Ireland-winning footballer Ray Silke says it's not the example that should be set for younger players.

"If someone does get a punch in the mouth, they're out of work, there might be a court case."

"I think it takes parents at underage, the mum and the dad say to the kid going out, if you get involved in that, it's not acceptable."

"Just because what happened in Croke Park yesterday happened, doesn't mean we're all going to say 'we can't do that anymore.'"

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