Five Years Since #MarRef: Irel...

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Five Years Since #MarRef: Ireland's A "Different Place"


04:33 22 May 2020

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Today marks 5 years since #MarRef (the Marriage Equality Referendum) in Ireland.

Voters turned out in their droves (61% turnout) with almost two thirds voting Yes.

So 3,210 same sex couples have tied the knot since 2015.

Five Years On, #MarRef Has Changed Ireland

Cormac Golloghly and his partner Richard Dowling were the first same sex couple to get married.

While Richard says Ireland is a different place now:

"People don't stare at you anymore like they once did."

"I think it has been a very important change for the gay community in Ireland. "

Cormac says they became the first by chance rather than by deisgn.

"There was luck, more than anything that got us to be down in Tipperary the day it happened."


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