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Experts Say Our Food Shop Has Increased By Over A Tenner


09:25 25 Aug 2022

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Inflation has been a factor in supermarkets so far in 2021. 

The price of a food shop is a tenner or more expensive compared to six months ago.

That's according to a food writer with The Irish Examiner, as inflation continues to affect supermarket prices.

Caitríona Redmond has tracked the price of staples such as butter, milk and bread since March.

She says since March, these essential items alone have gone up by 2 euro.

"Most families are going to be spending more than 100 euro a week on their grocery shopping."

"You're talking at least a ten euro increase for families in the last six months."

Redmond says the German retailers, Aldi and Lidl, were the cheapest for staple items.

Supermarkets such as Dunnes Stores also fared well, as Tesco came in the dearest.

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