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EU Votes For Universal Chargers For All Phones By 2024


12:59 4 Oct 2022

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All phones and tablets will have the same charging port very soon. 

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a common charger for all small electronic devices.

The move will affect the likes of phones, tablets, kindles, cameras, headphones and earbuds.

USB type-C will be the standard charging port.

Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly has the inside scoop: 

This is something that has been on the table for quite some time.

We knew there was a push for a universal charger and for that port to be USB-C.

If you've bought an Android phone over the past couple of years, the chances are your device will already has this port - so you're not going to be massively impacted.

It will force Apple to remove their lightening port - they've been the massive outlier here - and replace it with a USC-C connection.

There had been speculation that they would do it on the latest iPhone 14 - but they didn't.

We do know they will have to embrace this, and that will be the case for phones, tablets and cameras by 2024.

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