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Experts Warn Climate Change Could Harm Tomato Ketchup Supply


08:55 7 Jun 2022

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Eat everything with ketchup? You might have to adjust your eating habits. 

Tomato ketchup may soon become a rarer commodity due to climate change.

Global warming is threatening to halve the fruit's global harvest this century.

California, Italy and China are all big suppliers of tomatoes for ketchup and will be affected.

Soaring temperatures will result in plants and crops being put under increasing stress from the heat.

Research by Aarhus University in Denmark has given us an idea of how it affects us.

They say most tomatoes used for mass production are grown in fields in direct sunlight.

The same tomatoes are used for the likes of tomato paste, sauce and other products.

Around 180 million tonnes of tomatoes are grown every year, with two thirds by the U.S, China and Italy.

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