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Alarming Rise In Homelessness Last Month


06:12 30 Jul 2021

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More than 8,000 people were homeless in June.


8014 people were homeless in June, an increase on the previous month.


However the figure is an 8 percent drop on the total recorded for the same period last year.


The Department of Housing says 2,167 children needed emergency accommodation last month.


There were 932 homeless families - with the vast majority of those based in Dublin.


Focus Ireland's Conor Culkin says the lapsed eviction ban is putting more people at risk of homelessness:


"The eviction ban was hugely significant in stopping the surge in people becoming homeless, it gave people protection, it gave people security in their homes, and there is absolutely no doubt that since the eviction ban has lapsed that has had a knock on effect on the rise in people that are homeless, and also in the rise on people who are on the cusp of homelessness."



Focus Ireland, Director of Advocacy, Mike Allen says "The increase in family homelessness in June is a stark reminder of how precarious the progress in tackling homelessness really is. High rents are continuing to put families under pressure while they are also juggling the high cost of childcare during a global pandemic."





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