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3rd Mayweather-McGregor Press Conference Was Just Plain Strange

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

07:34 14 Jul 2017

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These press conferences are growing tiresome.

After a damp squib in Los Angeles, and a much better one in Toronto on Wednesday, it's fair to say last night's presser in New York went back towards Tuesday's one.

Firstly, after reports McGregor was left waiting 40 minutes for Mayweather in Toronto (this is a familiar tactic), both of them were trying to keep the other waiting last night, according to former boxer Paulie Malinaggi. This led to the event not getting underway until about 1:30 am Irish time.

Both McGregor and Mayweather didn't say anything new. Mayweather's in bother with the taxman. McGregor is a quitter. The Showtime exec is a weasel. The usual.

However, it really ramped up a notch when Mayweather had his team surround McGregor, something that was completely unexpected. This one may have rattled his cage slightly, but we know McGregor will get over it in time, or have something else up his sleeve in response.

Take a look for yourselves at last night's action:

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