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Taylor Swift Challenging Claim Of Stolen Lyrics For 'Shake It Off'


11:26 29 Dec 2021

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The 11-time Grammy award-winning artist is facing claims of stolen lyrics. 

Taylor Swift has been facing a legal battle over her hit single 'Shake It Off.'

Songwriters Sean Hall and Nate Butler claim she stole lyrics from a song they wrote in 2014.

The pair have succeeded in gaining a trial for the case and Swift is appealing against that decision.

Her lawyer's claim the trial is "unprecedented" and wants the decision to be looked at again.

The 2014 track in question from Hall and Butler is 'Playas Gon' Play' written for girl group 3LW.

The lyrics 'players, they gonna play' and 'haters, they gonna hate' have been compared to 'Shake It Off.'

Swift in that song sings 'the players gonna play, play...' and 'the haters gonna hate, hate...'

Lawyers representing Swift say the trial "cheats the public domain" if it goes ahead.

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