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Major Lazer And Camila Cabello Made 'Over 20 Songs' Together

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

12:19 30 Mar 2017

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I think it's safe to say we could probably expect a collab between Major Lazer and Camila Cabello to drop before the year is out. 

According to reports today, they've made about 20 songs with the former Fifth Harmony member. 

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Billboard conducted an exclusive interview with Major Lazer (Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy). No stranger to having artists feature on their tracks, the trio spilled their guts about future collaborations. 

Diplo said 'We love her [Camilla].'

He's also confirmed that there is a particular song that they have in mind, that is set for release in the near future. He's also said that it is subject to change. 'Until we have the video and the song is on iTunes, you never know. But of course we have stuff with her. She’s done stuff with a lot of our friends, like Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Frank Dukes - a lot of great producers we work with.'

Major Lazer also confirmed that they have been working with Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, WizKid, Sam Hunt and The Weeknd. 

Diplo concluded 'We have more unreleased music than ever before right now. Major Lazer has always been a summer act; we’ve always had our streaks during the festival seasons. We’re a little late this year, but we’re going to start putting out records next month into May, a bunch of new singles. We have about four songs coming out before the summer is over. … A lot of artists right now have proven that you can just flood the market with music.'

Read their full interview . 

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