Dermot Kennedy chats to Ed and...


Dermot Kennedy chats to Ed and Valerie ahead of Thormond Park Summer Gigs

Conor Finn
Conor Finn

11:03 22 Feb 2023

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Dermot Kennedy

SPIN's Ed and Valerie caught up with Dermot Kennedy for a chat this week.

It follows the announcement of his Thormond Park gig coming this July and his huge journey from busking to selling out stadium tours!


Ed asked how Dermot has found handling global fame and the experience of thousands of fans supporting his music, and if anything bizzare has happened from this.

'I fell like everything is potentially bizzare in this career!'

'Whatever type of energy you put out into the world, ultimately you're gonna get it back!"

Ed also asked how the pop star felt about his upcoming Thormond Park gig and is there was anything to expect.

'..Other artists that have played Thormond (Bod Dylan, Elon John), you know the caliber of show it's going to be. You don't want to sell all this tickets that isn't on par with those shows.'

'I really wanna do something special!" with hints of even covering a Cranberries cover on the night!

Listen back to the full interview here.

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