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Stranger Things Introduce Additional Footage 'Stranger Thursdays'

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

10:32 3 Aug 2017

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Ever since season one ended, the world has been awaiting the return of Stranger Things' second season. 

An extended trailer dropped at Comic-Con a couple of weekends ago, and fans have been going bezerk at the footage. 

The show is arriving on Netflix on October 27, and although that feels like a lifetime, Netflix have announced something to keep fans going until then. 

They've announced on Twitter they're introducing Stranger Thursdays.

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This will be where the cast remember all the events that happened in the first season, and will recap on their favourite moments, all while sharing some behind the scenes footage and gossip. 


Fans can get involved, share their memories and thoughts and tweet using the hashtag #StrangerThursdays - fandom unite! 

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