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Oppenheimer actor Cillian Murphy tipped to play next James Bond

Lucy Carol Norris
Lucy Carol Norris

02:27 7 Mar 2024

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A new frontrunner has been added to the list of potential 007 agents… and this time sources have claimed our very own Cillian Murphy could be the next James Bond.

Following the end of Daniel Craig's 15-year-long run playing the iconic spy, endless amounts of names have been thrown into the hat as fans eagerly await news of who will fill his shoes.

While 47-year-old Cillian makes his way to Hollywood ahead of the Oscars, tongues have been wagging in his favour.

A source told The Sun: 'Cillian is the toast of Hollywood right now and this would be the ultimate role.

'This is a way to elevate the Bond franchise with an actor who is at the very top of his game.'


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It seems the Peaky Blinders star has plenty of people nodding their heads at the idea of another Irish Bond. His Oppenheimer co-star Clay Bunker shared his thoughts on the actor and his capabilities.

He felt Cillian had already proved he’d be great as the secret agent after his performances as gangster Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders and Scarecrow in The Dark Knight trilogy. 

Clay explained: 'He would fare beau­tifully. It’s funny because Cillian is the nicest human but he has that dark side and there’s a darkness to Bond. We forget that sometimes Bond is like the character Fleming created - a pretty dark character.'

Cillian will be up against other famous faces that include Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba - all leading men tipped to step into the franchise when it returns. 

However, fans will be waiting a while to see any progression with regards to the Bond movies as back in November last year, producer Greg Wilson confirmed there was no new film in the works just yet.

He shared: 'There will be another Bond someday, but we’re not actively developing it.'

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