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Love Island 2019 Spoilers: Maura Rages At Tom As Recoupling Looms

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It is what it is!

Tonight on Love Island ( Bet you read that on Iain Stiriling's voice!) tensions are high as the recoupling looms.


After winning yesterday’s challenge, Maura was given the opportunity to spend a night in the Hideaway with a boy of her choice. Maura chose Tom.

But she was left less-than-impressed after Tom bantered with the boys and said it would be interesting to see if she was ‘all mouth’. She walks away from Tom and heads upstairs to inform the girls.

Maura says “I’m not bringing him to the Hideaway.”

The girls are startled by what Maura has just said. She explains to the girls what she has just heard Tom say.

Meanwhile, Tom is taken aback by Maura’s reaction to his comment. The boys encourage Tom to go resolve the issue with Maura.

Tom heads upstairs and asks Maura for a private chat.

Tom says “I feel like that was a miscommunication.”

Maura says “What do you mean miscommunication? You said what you said!”

Tom is left speechless. Maura says “Are you saying you didn’t say that?”

Tom says “I repeated what they asked me.”

Maura says “You said it Tom!”

Tom says “They asked me a question.”

Maura says “Maybe you should have been a gentleman. You shouldn’t have said that about me.”

Tom says “I didn’t say it.”

Maura says “You did! Don’t lie to my face. I don’t want to speak to you.”

Molly-Mae interrupts “Tom, just give her some space.”

As Tom leaves the conversation, Maura’s outburst seems to have inspired some of the other girls. Molly-Mae hugs Maura and says “You’re everything I want to be!”

Maura says to the girls “I’m not going to let anyone talk about me like a piece of garbage. He’s trying to be a lad out there in front of all the boys. I don’t want a lad, I want a gentleman. Someone who is going to talk about me with a bit of respect.”

Molly-Mae says “He’s going to be absolutely kicking himself.”

Arabella adds “One comment has just blown that.”

Tom explains to the boys that Maura is still very much annoyed and Anton says he will go and explain the situation to Maura.

Anton and Maura head to the terrace. Anton says “I think you’ve got the wrong end of that chat.”

Maura replies “No, I didn’t. He’s trying to be a lad. A real man wouldn’t speak about a woman, the way he spoke about me down there.”

Anton says “He just repeated what we said.”

Maura says “Yes but he shouldn’t have.”

Anton says “I think he was just trying to play up to the boys a bit. I know that might be unattractive to you but he didn’t mean it in a malicious way.”

Maura says “I just think that is completely wrong. I’m so glad I came down because he is the last person I want to spend the night with. That’s the truth.”

Anton heads back downstairs to speak with the boys.

Molly-Mae says to Maura “So, what are you going to do?”

Maura says “I am not speaking to him. He better stay away from me tonight.”

Later, Tom heads back upstairs to try and apologise to Maura.

Tom says to Maura “Can I just say sorry?”

Maura says “I really don’t want to speak to you.”

Tom says “But can I just say sorry?”

Maura says “Not really, no.”

Tom says “I want to try and straighten it out.”

Maura says “I don’t want to speak to you.”

But after a good night’s sleep will Maura be willing to talk it out with Tom?




As the Islanders relax in the garden, Maura receives a text “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling. The boys will choose, and the girl not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the Island. #ByeFelicia #GirlCrushed”

While Danny is coupled up with Yewande, he has also made no secret of the fact that he has a connection with Arabella and is clearly torn between the two girls.

In the Beach Hut, Danny says “I’ve got to make a decision and I’m confused. I’m not fully sure what I need to do. Someone has to leave tonight. At the very least I have to disappoint one girl because they both want me to couple up with them.”

Danny speaks with Michael by the pool. He says “If I pick Yewande and it goes back to how it is then I’ve only got myself to blame. I could be missing out something quite special with Arabella.”

It isn’t long before the Islanders are gathered around the fire pit for tonight’s recoupling. But which girl will be heading home tonight?


Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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