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Halle Berry Says She Couldn't Quit Filming Bruised After Breaking Two Ribs

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:32 24 Nov 2021

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Halle Berry has told SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo that she couldn't quit filming Bruised, even after breaking her ribs.

On day two of shooting a five-day fight sequence, two of Halle's ribs broke. But as the director and lead actress, Halle chose not to tell anyone as it could have stopped the film.


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Halle Couldn't Quit

When asked how she got through, she said she had a strong "will to not have my film shut down.

"I had worked two years on preparation. I raised this money and I knew if I told them this happened and they shut me down, I would lose my financing. I would lose Valentina.

"This dream, this project that was dear to me would go away and never come back. Quitting just didn't seem like the thing to do."


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Why Bruised?

Sarina also brought up how Halle initially wasn't the obvious choice to play Jackie Justice in the film.

The character started out as a 21 year old Irish Catholic fighter, but Halle said she loves films with fighters and found a way to make Bruised work with her as the star.

"I love these movies. While it wasn't written for someone like me, I had a clear idea of how it could be rewritten for someone like me.

"I reimagined it and set it into a community and a world I understood."

You can watch Sarina's full interview with Halle Berry and hear what specifically drew her to the Jackie Justice character below.

Bruised is out on Netflix now.

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