12:55 14 Apr 2020

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TikTok is proving to be a great source of entertainment for people as they self-isolate at home.

Unsurprising, given the level of content on the app - you can learn easy recipes, copy the latest dance craze or just laugh along with your favourite creators, like The Flemings.

And now, makeup artists like Eleanor Barnes - better known by her online username of @snitchery - is helping us to elevate our selfies with this mind-boggling front camera revelation.

She took to TikTok to show how the front camera seemingly distorts selfies taken up close, and suggested taking them from a distance, with the camera zoomed in.

@babysnitcherythe selfie hack everyone should know tbh ##fyp ##foryou ##beautytips

♬ original sound - peachyッ

Granted, Barnes' results are particularly dramatic due to a change in lighting and expression. However, YouTuber James Charles also put it to the test, and it's fair to say that there's a noticeable difference between the two shots.

Will you be giving this a go?

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