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Get The Ariana Grande Look: The Secret Behind The Ponytail

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

04:47 29 Aug 2017

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It’s no secret that we are all in love with Ariana’s fabulous hair-do! It’s the sky-high, sleek, shiny, solid ponytail that we are referring to in case you didn’t know and now can’t believe our luck that her hairstylist has spilled the details on the exact product he uses to create the rock solid do.

Shanghai, I love youuu sooo much !!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. Ten more.

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According to, well known hairstylest Chris Appleton revealed the key product for the look is 'Gorilla Snot Gel''
Say you wanted to do a ponytail and wanted to do something really slick,all you have to do is put this gel on the edge of your brush. It makes it rock solid. 
Gorilla Snot is the name and it’s a sticky yellow hair gel, known as the "best kept secret" for steamrolling flyaways and keeping braids tight.
And we can’t get over how cheap this product is! We have discovered that it is only €2.12. We can create Grande’s famous hairstyles for €2?? YES PLEASE!!
Despite its awful name and container, I think it will definitely be our next purchase!!

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