8 Recipes For Your Leftover Tu...


8 Recipes For Your Leftover Turkey

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

01:28 13 Nov 2017

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While everyone is prepping for the big Christmas dinner, here at Spin we are deciding what we are going to cook with our leftover turkey and this year we are pulling out all the stops!

If you feel like being one step ahead like us why not check out the top 8 recipes we are choosing from this year;

**Click on the name for the recipes links!

1) Turkey Casserole 

Keep it nice and traditional, you can even use leftover veg from the day before.. We can thank BBC Good Food for this one!


Maybe you want to try something a little bit less traditional but equally as tasty! Just looking at this will make you hungry!

3) Cajun Rice & Barbecue Turkey Burrito

If you're really sick of potatoes, meat and veg dinners Jamie Oliver has you sorted. A nice barbecue burrito to get you through Stephens Day movies!

4) Turkey, Leek and Ham Pie

A very handy recipe that includes your leftover ham.

5) Pan-fried Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich

Stephens Day is known for it's sandwiches full of leftover food but why not make your sandwich a little fancier this year and try out this recipe!

6) Lemon Pesto Turkey Pasta

This recipe couldn't be any easier or tastier! 

7) Turkey Curry 

This recipe isn't just for left over turkey on Stephens Day but it's so good you should use it all year round! 

8) Turkey Mac and Cheese

We can thank American after Thanks giving for this one! A quick feed for the whole family.


Too much to choose from!

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