Smart Style: 2 Spring Wedding...


Smart Style: 2 Spring Wedding Outfits Worn 2 Ways

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

11:29 16 Feb 2017

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Spring is just around the corner, marking the beginning of wedding season. If you've got a few filling up your calendar already, it's time to think of the versatile dress options that can be styled and worn in different ways, saving you money and getting more satisfaction on your purchases. Too often, we wear something once, for a special occasion - or even just a night out - only for it to retreat to the bowels of our wardrobe, never to be seen again. For some bizarre reason, we have a collective fear of appearing in the same outfit more than once on social media. Here, we try to fix that problem. 
One purchase, two ways. 
1. Tulle green skirt, . €66.67.
Wear with: 
Floral printed body suit, €37.33, . 
A crop top, €16, . 
Velvet heels, €46, . 
Or keep it classic with black, €16, . 
Black strappy heels, €170, . 
2. Floral Dress €76, . 
With hair down and metallic accessories, e.g. simple silver strappy sandals, €55 .
Or an edgier statement with black chunky heels to offset the femininity of the dress, €78, . 

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