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10 Ways To Up The Ante With Your Workout Wardrobe

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

12:07 11 Apr 2017

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Now that the evenings are brighter and it's not totally baltic outside, we're coming around to the idea of exercise. Well, we're certainly coming around to the idea of expanding our exercise wardrobe. No longer need your workout gear be purely functional. In fact, most of the time, we put it on and forget to exercise at all. 
Here's summer 2017's must have workout staples. 
1. Comfy joggers because sometimes skintight leggings don't match the mood you're in. €40
2. Loose tank top a la Beyonce, Ivy Park, €20
3. Florals in the gym; novel. €34
4. Clean white sports bra. Until you get your sweat on. €12.99
5. An entire yoga jumpsuit; hells yeah. €24.99
6. Mesh leggings that you'd almost wear out with heels, €24
7. Again, from the gym to the bar - who would know? €14 also
8. Cosiness - in Ireland - is something we always need to consider. €16
9. Because botanical prints are everything this summer. €13 Penneys.
10. And some short shorts just because. €5, also Penneys.

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