SuperValu In Dalkey Have Hilar...


SuperValu In Dalkey Have Hilariously Payed Tribute To Matt Damon!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

04:19 22 Apr 2024

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SuperValu in Dalkey have payed tribute to Matt Damon!

If ya didn't know, back in 2021 Matt Damon was staying in Dalkey for a few weeks during the pandemic, as he wasn't able to travel due to the lockdown restrictions.

Long story short, a picture of the Hollywood A-lister holding a Supervalu bag next to a popular swimming spot in Dalkey went viral with everyone wanting to know - What was in the bag???

Matt later put everyone out of their misery and spilled the tea on what he was actually packing - Which was sadly NOT a bag of cans like we all thought (and hoped).

Speaking to SPIN's Fully Charged he said: "I think we just had the towels because I was with the kids and we were taking a dip in the water there and so we had towels to dry off.

"I think we just grabbed one of our SuperValu bags and stuff ... we didn't show up with beach bags. We were just improvising,"

Well, it turns out SuperValu's marketing team need a raise because they have added an image of the actor holding a big bag of cans on their new shopping bags.

Even though it's three years on, the memory of Matt is still crystal clear for many of us because let's be real, apart from walking 5k around our areas or making banana bread he was the only real life entertainment we had!

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