Mariah Carey Clearly Ready For...


Mariah Carey Clearly Ready For Christmas In New Video

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Mariah Carey

The Halloween decorations have barely been put away and Mariah Carey is already in the Christmas spirit.

The singer is one of the stars of the Festive season, due to the fact that her hit All I Want For Christmas is enjoyed all over the world.

In addition, radio stations and nightclubs around the world feature it on their playlists.

The song has also appeared in the charts every Christmas, even reaching number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 only two years ago.

Mariah has jumped on the publicity, by posting a new video on Twitter as she marks the end of Halloween.

Such as the popularity of the song, Mariah is clearly ready to get the ball rolling on the Festive season.

It's fair to say that a good number of people won't be too far behind her.

All I Want For Christmas has made Mariah the undisputed Festive queen, such as the track's popularity.

It appears in the charts every Christmas, while it has also been covered numerous times. by a whole host of artists.

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