Limerick Mayor hopes to get Ed...


Limerick Mayor hopes to get Ed Sheeran to visit

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

10:13 15 Mar 2017

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Rumors are flying around that the mysterious "Galway Girl" in Ed Sheeran's new hit is in fact Niamh from Irish band Beoga. Hearing this news, the Mayor of Limerick has come up with a plan. 

In a hope to get Ed Sheeran to visit the city and hopefully play a gig here, Cllr O’Hanlon has bestowed the highest honour from the city to Niamh by extending the Mayoral Reception to her and her family to honour her contribution to music.

This will then hopefully influence Ed to make a visit himself. 

According to The Mirror, Cllr O’Hanlon said:

"Niamh Dunne has been acclaimed as an international artist. I’m glad to know her personally, but more so her family.

Her mam and dad and sisters, and indeed their family before them were great musicians in Limerick. So I will be having a mayoral reception for the Galway girl, who really is a Limerick girl.







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