King V Tayto, The top 10 best...


King V Tayto, The top 10 best crisps

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

12:21 14 Mar 2017

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Ah the ol' faithful potato chip.

As today is international potato chip day and us Irish are lovers of a good crisp, lets look at our favorite ranked in no particular order. (Mainly because we still cant settle the King V Tayto debate) 

10. Hunky Dorys - When all flavors taste great, you know it's something special. 



9. O' Donnells - Made in the SOUTHWEST.. Of course these crisps are going to taste amazing.

8. Hula Hoops - Not only tasty, but also make a great fashion accessory/engagement ring. 

7. Pringles - Another firm favorite here in SPIN HQ, once you pop you really cant stop. 


6. Hot Lips - Spicy, sweet and crunchy, the perfect mix. However not recommend if you have braces, seriously. 

5. Walkers Sensations - The most INDULGENT crisp of them all. We love them. 

4. McCoy's - Always a difficult decision to choose one flavor, so we usually choose them all. #Greedy 

3. Thai Rings - The BEST flavor onion ring... Don't fight us on this one. 

2. King - Like the name, these crisps always cheer us up. Happiness in every bag. 

1. Tayto - Ah yes... When we call all crisps "Taytos", it is because we are secretly thinking of you Mr. Tayto.. The OG of crisps and a strong competitor to King. 


What are your faves? Did we forget them? Tweet us @spinsouthwest 

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