We’re Convinced One Direction...


We’re Convinced One Direction Are Reuniting This Week

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

06:18 25 Apr 2023

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We hope the Directioners are right.

One Direction fans (and now us) are convinced that the reunion is finally happening this week — and it seems like Zayn won't be in it.

The rumours started when Harry Styles was announced as a guest for the final episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Even though James told extraTV yesterday that we "will not get a One Direction reunion" on the show, fans are gathering clues that he's not telling the truth.

James Corden's show is filmed in Los Angeles, with the last episode airing this Thursday, April 27th in America.

In the past week, Louis and Liam have both been in LA.

Louis was originally due to perform in Singapore on Thursday but the gig was cancelled two weeks ago. Since then, he's been spotted shopping by fans in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Jamie Scott shared a post of a plane window on his Instastory on April 19th which confirmed Liam was either heading to or was in Los Angeles.

And get this — Jamie was one of the main collaborators for One Direction. He co-wrote hits like Story of My Life, Drag Me Down and Midnight Memories. 

Could he and Liam have been travelling to LA together to meet with the rest of One Direction and try working on new material?

Would Niall rejoin One Direction?

In an even more interesting turn of events, Louis isn't the only one with a gig booked for April 27th.

Niall was scheduled to play in Milan that day but the event was cancelled. Some reports online are saying it was cancelled by the venue, but it's still highly coincidental.

With Niall's new album due out on the 28th April, it would also be the biggest form of publicity for him.

We've no idea what's happening with Zayn — or if he'd be interested in rejoining One Direction after he left in 2015 —  but we'd love to see it happen.

Seeing as James Corden's last show will start at 5:37am Irish time, maybe we should set up a watch party? We don't want to sleep through history.

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