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Giovanni Pernice Talks Maura Higgins And The Strictly Curse

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:17 16 Sep 2021

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Giovanni talks about the curse

Giovanni Pernice has bashed the idea of a Strictly Come Dancing curse existing.

The show has a history of participants breaking up their relationships after finding love on the programme.

Fans call this the 'Strictly curse.'

But Giovanni has said to Hello! Magazine, 'if you're happy with your wife or with your husband, you wouldn't go on Strictly to cheat.'

Giovanni has been dating Love Island star Maura Higgins since at least July.

When asked how Maura felt about the curse, he said 'Maura is absolutely fine, in the sense that it's not a curse.'

'You can have a curse anywhere. If you go to the office, you can have a curse with a person that's working with you.'

'I'm going to dance with my celeb, and she will be supporting me all the way.'


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But Giovanni explained that if people think he's dating his celebrity partner, that's not necessary a bad thing.

He said, 'If people think that I'm with my celebrity, it's actually a good thing because we are dancers, which means we are actors.'

'If I'm dancing the Argentine tango with my partner and we get very close, it means that I'm doing a good job and my celebrity is doing a good job.'

'Dancing is chemistry.'


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Strictly is making history

With Strictly back this weekend, Giovanni explained he's looking forward to the first male same-sex pairing taking part on the show.

'I've always said, to be dancing in a same-sex couple would be great, like with all the other pros.'

'It's brilliant the show is embracing same-sex couples, and it makes [the show] even better.’


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He also mentioned that The Queen is his dream celebrity dance partner on the show – and he thinks she could win it!

'She's very popular so she could win. Who wouldn't dance with the Queen?'

'If I taught her, there'd be no different approach to teaching another person to dance. We'd start without the music, we'd learn the steps and then we put the music on, it's just a normal process.'


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We'd love to see Giovanni paired with the Queen too!


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