EXCLUSIVE: Niall Horan Talks P...


EXCLUSIVE: Niall Horan Talks Playing Limerick In His Next Tour

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

10:58 28 Apr 2023

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Niall gave us the goss on his next tour.

His new album isn't out yet, but Niall is already working on plans for his next tour.

Chatting with SPIN's Ed and Valerie, the pair quizzed him on whether he'd treat the south west to a gig of their own.

"We're working on plans for the tour and wherever that it, whenever it is," Niall said.

"We're just putting it all together now. It's in other people's hands at the moment and then it'll come to me and I'll go 'yes, no, yes, no.'"


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Would Niall come to Limerick?

Ed and Valerie specifically asked Niall about paying Limerick a visit on his next tour.

He said, "I would love to do something. It's becoming more of a thing, isn't it? Remember when it just used to be Dublin?"

But the Fully Charged presenters made sure to drive home that fans would love to see Niall outside the capital.

"Think of the culchies," Valerie joked.

"We have to come all the way to Dublin. It's so pricey, we're all broke," Ed laughed.

"I'd love to. If I knew I could play somewhere big down there, of course," Niall said.


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Plus there was a golfing challenge with Ed and Valerie

Seeing as Niall is a big golfing fan, the SPIN hosts challenged him to get a hole-in-one.

You can see how he did below.


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You can hang out with Ed and Valerie on Fully Charged, weekdays from 7am on SPIN South West.

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