A Priest Got Told Off For Lett...


A Priest Got Told Off For Letting Catherine O'Hara into the Pope's Wardrobe

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This is a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

It turns out, Catherine O'Hara's private tour of the Vatican was very private! Chatting on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she shared how a priest got told off for letting her into the Pope's wardrobe.

Catherine met her husband, Bo Welch, on the set of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice in the 1980s. When they eventually married in 1992, the pair were given tickets for a VIP tour of the Vatican as a gift from Tim.

"Somebody had given it to [Tim]. It was a very inside kind of deal,” Catherine said.

What happened on Catherine's tour?

Instead of having a standard tour guide, Catherine and Bob were led through the Vatican by a priest.

But he seemed to give the pair more behind-the-scenes access than they were supposed to get, as he let them into the Pope's wardrobe.

"We were in the pope’s closet, like, looking at garments and stuff. It was crazy," she explained.

"He got yelled at at one point. I wish I spoke Italian, but he was definitely getting yelled at by another priest.

“This priest [was] just letting us open cases, and pretending to put a crown inside Bo’s backpack, taking pictures."

How do you bribe a priest to let you into the Pope's wardrobe? That's a new challenge for 2024 unlocked.

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