These Summer Nights Are Coming To An End But #BringItBack Is Showing Grease This August At Omniplex Cinemas

These Summer Nights Are Coming To An End But #BringItBack Is Showing Grease This August At Omniplex Cinemas
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

24 Aug 2018

It’s been 40 years since Greased Lightnin’ lit up our screens & Omniplex Cinemas are softening the blow of the end of our summer nights with screenings of Grease nationwide. Grease will show from Friday 31st of August for one week only as a part of their #BringItBack classic movie season.

To help get you excited to see it again, here’s some fun facts you might not have known about Grease: 

  • Ellen Travolta (John’s sister) has a one-liner part. She’s the waitress who says ‘there’s Danny & Sandy’ when they’re watching the dance on TV. 
  • The iconic spandex pants that sandy wears for her transformation sequence were so tight they had to be ripped off her & sown back on if she needed to take them off! Let’s be honest, that makes us all feel better about the yoga moves we have to pull to get our skinny jeans on after the wash.
  • Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) had such a huge crush on Olivia Newton John (Sandy) that he’d get tongue tied around her. Ironically he ended up marrying her sister Rona!
  • Despite ‘Grease being the word’, no actor actually says the word throughout the entire movie, the closest you get is ‘greased’ in ‘greased lightnin’’.
  • Rizzo’s hickeys were real! Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) insisted on them being authentic. Way-hey!
  • It’s reported that the cast went through over 100,000 pieces of bubble-gum during filming.
  • If you think Kenickie’s height changes a lot in the movie, you’d be right! Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) was 6”1 and John Travolta (Danny Zuko) was 6”2 so Jeff had to slouch down or lean against something to make Danny Zuko look taller! Here we thought he was just doing the ‘cool guy lean back’.

 Grease is the first movie to return in this season’s #BringItBack classic movie program at Omniplex. To date, #BringItBack at Omniplex has driven over 17,000 admissions at Omniplex Cinemas, including highlights such as Home Alone, The Lion King, Avatar, and The Princess Bride playing to packed movie theatres across the country. 

#BringItBack, the 2018 series, will see some of the world’s most loved movies returning to Omniplex, enhanced by the best in modern day cinema experiences - quality projection, state of the art sound technology and of course, the comfiest seats.

Omniplex Cinemas will be rolling out #BringItBack every second week from 31st of August until the end of the year.  Tickets are just €8 with online booking recommended at


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