5 Health Benefits Of Playing Tag Rugby

5 Health Benefits Of Playing Tag Rugby
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

20 Jul 2017

Are you looking for something fun do this summer? Well... Heineken Light is working with TagRugby.ie, the country’s largest tag rugby league. This summer, there are over 25,000 players participating across 5 counties. If you are wondering why you should take part, here are 5 Health Benefits of playing Tag Rugby!

1. Regular Exercise Reduces Weight Gain

We all know we such be exercising regularly but sometimes it’s hard to get up and do something that you enjoy. Tag Rugby is fun and something you can do with a group of friends.

2. It’s Great For Our Mental Health

It’s way more fun to exercise with others! No more lonely sessions at the gym. More time to

meet others and catch up with the team!

3. It Will Strengthen Your Body

When you’re playing Tag Rugby you’re using all of your body’s strength to defend your team

and to score a winning try! Soon you’ll see your body becoming faster and stronger.

4. You’ll Have A Huge Increase In Energy

Regular exercise gives you lots of energy which means you’ll be more motivated in work and

won’t feel as sleepy in the afternoons.

5. You’ll Have A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so important in order to function on a daily bases! When you exercise and have a

healthy diet you are more likely to get your recommended time of shut eye!

These Health Benefits are brought to you by Heineken Light Tag. Visit tagrugby.ie to sign up for the late summer league.

Enjoy Heineken Light responsibly. Visit www.drinkaware.ie