You Can Now Apply To Live And Work At Disney World For An Entire Year

You Can Now Apply To Live And Work At Disney World For An Entire Year
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

12 Jul 2018

Honestly, any job to do with Disney is a dream job for some! And if you are from England then this is the job for you!

If you want to ditch the boring 9-5... keep reading

Disney World is currently recruiting for Cultural Representatives in the park's international programme, and this incredible opportunity would see you working at the Walt Disney World resort.

To be able to apply for the programme, candidates must 'authentically' represent one of the countries or regions that have been recreated at Disney World resort.

You'll be working in either food or beverage or merchandise for your country/region. (England)

The job is offering an hourly wage of $10 at 32 hours per week, but if you start working a tipped role in food and drinks, your hourly pay packet will decrease.


You'll be living and working in the Orlando resort for a year on a Q-1 Cultural Representative Visa, and you will also receive an additional 30-day travel period once the year is up.

There's no need to spend hours finding a place to rent, as you will be put up in one of Disney's four amazing international housing complexes.

Applications for this magical opportunity are now open but close on 5th August. 

Apply here for this magical opportunity.