How To Stop Facebook From Looking For You With Face Recognition

How To Stop Facebook From Looking For You With Face Recognition
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

28 Mar 2018

Another thing to think about if you’re losing trust in the social network.

If you haven't already delete facebook forever after the news broke of the on going scandal, maybe you are looking at your privacy settings to limit what Facebook can get on you. 

You might want to consider disabling the company's face recongition technology. They have been using face recognition for years to make suggestions of who should be tagged in your photos. but now it's using this in new ways. 

To be fair the company has tried to be very upfront about this expanded use of face recognition.

You might’ve already gotten a prompt that explains the added ways that Facebook is utilizing it of late.

The downsides of turning it off is as follows; 

Facebook won’t tell you about photos that you’re in unless you’ve been tagged.With face recognition enabled, Facebook will notify you whenever it thinks it’s found you in a newly uploaded image. This only works for posts that include you in the audience, so it’s good for public posts or people on your own friends list. But if it’s a complete stranger who set their post to friends-only, face recognition isn’t going to be good for much.

You won’t be notified if someone makes a new Facebook profile that includes you in the profile photo. Maybe this isn’t something that’s of much concern to you (or most people), but in a world of Russian bot armies, a heads-up when your image has been stolen is a nice thing.

So how do you turn it off? 

In Facebook, go to your profile tap on the more icon, a circle with three dots in the middle. Then choose more settings and then tap on face recognition. Set "Do you wan facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and video?" to no.