Forget About Cronuts Because Donugs Have Arrived

Forget About Cronuts Because Donugs Have Arrived
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

20 Jun 2018

TBH we are not too sure about this one but try everything once... right? 

The latest hybrid food is here, The Donug. 

Yep, the donug is a strange combo of chicken nuggets and donuts and the latest craze to hit the donut universe. 

We honestly don't know what it is so we'll lt the creator explain;



What is a Donug??? #donugs #donug #nugsnugsnugs #loveadonug #sharktankau #sharktankaustralia

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A businessman from Scotland has created a doughnut and chicken nugget hybrid he calls 'the Donug'.
Crag Carrick, who hails from Glasgow but now lives in Australia, the Donug costs £5 a pop.

He said this about his creation;

"I want this to be the crazy new food trend coming out of Melbourne."

He added: "I'm giving something that's fun, it's easy to understand, people get it straight away.

"There's nothing sweet about it. All savoury. It's 98 percent chicken that has our unique and top-secret spice mix."