Bathe In Comfort With This Sun Lounger With Boob Holes

Bathe In Comfort With This Sun Lounger With Boob Holes
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

29 Jun 2018

Ireland is on fire at the moment and we are not mad about it.

Everyone is trying to soak up as many rays as they can before it goes away again and now ladies you can sunbathe with ease with this new pool float with boob holes... Genius!

"The Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounger is the first chaise lounge designed for women by women. The innovative patent pending breast cavity expands and contracts to comfortably accommodate and support varying sized women while lying in prone position.

"The twelve-inch seat height allows for easy access and exit. In addition, the LCL also integrates the Ostrich Chairs' patented open/close face cavity and arm cutouts for reading or tanning face down."

Finally, it seems like companies are paying attention to women's needs in the hotter weather.

Now bra company Bravissimo has just announced the release of its lilo with boob holes.

Earlier this year the retailer played an April Fools' Day gag which duped people into believing it was creating the infamous lilo.

However, when it was revealed to be a mere joke the company was inundated with messages from customers who were desperate to see the joke turned into reality.

Bravissimo listened to its customers and delivered the goods.

The website explains: "When we posted on our social networks an April Fools' joke about developing a lilo with room for your boobs, we were not expecting hundreds of you to tell us that you really, really wanted one... but your reaction made it clear that we had to do it!

"We turned it around in record time to make sure you could buy one in time for summer - so here it is! We really hope it floats your boat!"

Grab yours here!