6 Things Every Irish person Needs To Know Before Heading To Australia

6 Things Every Irish person Needs To Know Before Heading To Australia
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

2 Jun 2017

We’re Celebrating Foster’s Fridays. At this stage Australia is full of Irish people and we all know someone who is heading down under in the near future. Now with this in mind we’re taking a look at the 6 most important pieces of information every Irish person needs to know before heading to Oz.

You will never forget your first encounter with the famous huntsman spider, Australia is covered with them. Eventually you’ll get used to them. They’re famous for running across the car dashboard in rush-hour traffic and jumping into your lap.

Australians are not afraid of sharks, funnel web spiders or snakes either. They are nervous of the sun though. 

Make sure to start wearing sun cream. It goes without saying it’s nearly always sunny down under but for the first few weeks Irish people forget to wear sun cream and end up looking like this...

Australians are very protective over there Possums. You can face six months in jail if you kill, trap or politely ask a possum to be quiet- even if they’re wrecking your head at 2am! 


This law is crazy but IS REAL. It is illegal to wear hot pink pants on a Sunday afternoon in Victoria. This is NOT a drill!!!

There are a few things genuine Australians will not admit to: watching Home and Away; wearing Ugg boots or using the phrases “fair dinkum” or “bleedin’ galah”.

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