5 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last When It's HOT

5 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last When It's HOT
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

26 Jul 2018

Between the heatwave and holidays away, gals across Ireland are struggling to keep the glam looking fresh. 

Don't worry here's all our tips to keep your face looking fresh and beat this Summer.


Primer is an essential to long-lasting makeup. A must-have for sunny days. Find an oil-free formula to use under both foundation and eyeshadow. Goodbye creasing! 

Go Minimal

The trick to makeup in the summer is keeping the skin minimal and natural! Cream cheek colours and tinted lip balms will last through the heat and keep you looking natural. 

Try Eyelash Extensions

This may save the mascara from running down your face poolside this Summer. Although you will need to comb those babies!

Add Powder

Setting powders are your saving grace! Oily? Wack some powder on there and you're good to go again. Loose powder works best. 

Setting Sprays

Drench yourself in setting spray. This will, first of all, give you a refreshing cold mist of your face but also lock that makeup in to make it last even if you're sweating! 

Don't Forget to Blot

When in doubt blot it out. Let's not fly through our Laura Mercier powder, instead give blotting sheets a go. They will take away the oil from your face and give you a little freshen up.