5 Cheap Holiday Hacks To Help You Get That Dream Holiday

5 Cheap Holiday Hacks To Help You Get That Dream Holiday
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

17 Sep 2018

The colder weather is starting to set in, we already feel like we need another holiday and if you’re thinking the same thing then we have all the tips on how to get the perfect holiday for less.

Booking flights

If you’re thinking about booking flights but keep seeing the price slowly rising try using a private browser so you can get the best rates. Some sites rise up prices based on your search history!

So save your money for when you actually get there by using a private browser.

Booking a hotel

Now you’ve seen an amazing hotel that will bring up your Insta game to a new level. Make sure to check multiple sites before booking your hotel. Sometimes it can work out cheaper going direct but at other times you might find a way better deal. Those 10 extra minutes looking will make all the difference.

Book your hotel here.

Get a place for you & your friends 

If you’re travelling in a big group book a villa or an apartment rather than a hotel this will save you some coin!

Plan ahead! 

Buy your adaptors and travel pillows before you go to the airport. If you buy these at the airport then you’re making a huge mistake and wasting loads of cash. We recommend checking the pound shop before you fly.

Look after yourself & get travel insurance here.

Be smart when changing currency 

Shop around for the best exchange rates for your holiday money which means more cash to spend on duty-free goodies. Depending on where you pick up your cash you could get charged higher rates of commission.

 There you have it now you have some extra coin to spend on your next adventure.

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