10 Of The Worst Wedding Dresses Ever

10 Of The Worst Wedding Dresses Ever
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

10 Aug 2017

After finding the most iconic celebrity wedding dresses we have found some of the worst wedding dresses online. If your currently looking for your own wedding dress her is some inspiration on what not to get!

1) Plenty of drinks to go around.. Literally!

2) Some people just love being traditional.

 3) No sharp object aloud near the bride!

 4) Emma Thompson decided to wear a flower girls dress...


5) Is the top of the dress missing?


6) Lady Mary Charteris kept it classy!


7) There is sports fans and then there is SPORTS FANS!


8) Mama June decided to be a half invisible bride!


9) Amm.. there's something on the bottom of your dress..


10) Just. No.