The Clocks Go Forward Tonight

The Clocks Go Forward Tonight
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

24 Mar 2018

Well tomorrow morning... 

Even though it feels like the longest Winter ever, Summer is on the horizon and we are ready to welcome its warm embrace especially after all of the sneachta.

Tonight/ early tomorrow morning the clocks will go forward. At 1AM Sunday 25th march the clocks are set to go forward.

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Most smartphones these days have automatic updates so you don't have to worry but maybe set an alarm or reminder just in case you have to get somewhere early Sunday morning. 

We can't have anyone missing the Sunday service.

So set those reminders and leave the sticky notes around the house as we are set to loose an hour of the day but the extra hour of daylight will be lovely... Sure isn't there a grand stretch in the evenings? 

The clocks go back again on Sunday 28th October ,which gives us a long time to plan an extended night out!

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