Met Eireann Warn Snow Could Return To Ireland Early Next Week

Met Eireann Warn Snow Could Return To Ireland Early Next Week
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

23 Feb 2018

It may be spring but don't put away the warm blankets or hot water bottles yet as a nother cold snap is on the way!

Met Eireann have warned that temperatures are set to plummet on Sunday night bringing a cold snap and possible snow to Ireland. 

A Met Eireann forecaster warned:

Sunday night will see temperatures plummet before it “may turn somewhat colder on Tuesday and Wednesday”, 

The forecaster revealed: “High pressure over Scandinavia continues to influence our weather with mostly dry conditions at first but becoming very cold with wintry showers.

“Saturday will be cloudy at first but good sunny spells will develop in the east and north during the day and some hazy sunshine in the southwest and west later.

“Top temperatures of just 4C to 6C in the east and north, but reaching 7C or 8C further west.

“Southeasterly winds will continue to moderate. Saturday night will be dry with good clear spells and easterly winds will be mostly light.

“It will turn colder under clear skies with lowest temperatures falling to between -2C and 2C and a widespread sharp frost.”

“Sunday night will be dry and clear in mostly light easterly breezes. Turning even colder with a widespread sharp to severe frost.

“It will most likely still be dry on Monday with some sunny spells but very cold for the time of year with daytime temperatures in the low single figures inland, and around 5C or 6C on coasts.

“It may turn somewhat colder on Tuesday and Wednesday with wintry showers and moderate to fresh east to northeasterly winds. Also nights are likely to turn colder with widespread severe frost.”

Make sure to wrap up warm.