What to Watch On TV This Weekend

What to Watch On TV This Weekend
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

31 Mar 2017

It's finally the weekend and if you're planning to stay in we've got your viewing choices covered! check out all the movies on TV this weekend. What a line up!!1


TV3 - 9pm 'Safe House'


TV3 - 11:15pm 'Final Destination'

RTE 2 - 9:35pm 'Legally Blonde'


RTE1 - 5:20pm 'The Croods'

RTE 1 - 15:50pm 'The boxer'

RTE 2 - 9:15pm 'After Earth' 

be3 - 9pm 'doubt'


RTE 2- 5:15pm 'Forever young'

TV3 - 4:50pm 'Night at the Museum'

TV3 - 9pm 'Munich'