We Weren't Expecting This From Love Islands Adam

We Weren't Expecting This From Love Islands Adam

22 Jun 2018

New boy Sam was quick enough at pointing out how awful Adam had been to Rosie. 

He might have taken that criticism to heart as on tonight's episode he pulls Rosie aside for a chat. 

About time Adam!

He said “I think that obviously things with me and you haven’t really worked out the best.

"And I’m sorry. I am actually sorry if you felt that way. Whatever you felt, I’m sorry that I upset you. I don’t like seeing anyone cry.”

Rosie thanks him for the apology, before adding "Seeing you and Zara and the way you are, I just think, because obviously we were close and when we were good we were good, but I didn’t not try if you get me.

"It was a bit both ways. It takes two to make an effort.”

The pair appear to have finally called a truce in the villa, as Rosie admits: “That’s all I wanted, was to be your friend.

"But I did want you to know that I did really like you and I did have feelings for you.

"It was never fake on my part anyway and I did want to see what would happen and obviously it hasn’t worked out.

"All I want is just to be friends with you so I’m glad you pulled me up. Thank you. Want to hug it out?”