Top 8 Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Top 8 Celebrity Photoshop Fails

25 Aug 2017

After Mariah Carey was accused of photo shopping once again this week we decided to look back at eight of the top celebrity photo shop fails!

1) Mariah Carey – You would think she would have learned from the last times!
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2) Beyonce – We didn’t expect this from women empowering Queen B!
3) Justin Beiber – The massive controversial Calvin Klien campaign will never be forgotten!
4) Zendaya – We never expected a celebrity to call out their own photoshop but we wouldn’t expect any less from Zendaya!
5) Kris Jenner – She probably should have asked Gordan before putting up this highly edited photo!
6) Jessica Alba – She looks unnaturally tiny in the second photo.. We cannot see anything wrong with the first shot!
7) Kim Kardashian – Complex accidentally released the original photo after her shoot with them!
8) Demi Moore – Her face is so photo shopped she looks unnatural.