Top 5 Tips For Self Tanning

Top 5 Tips For Self Tanning

27 Nov 2017

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Marissa Carter's Cocoa Brown tan we are giving out some tantastic tips for self-tanning! 

Here are the top 5 must do; 

1) Exfoliation is key!

You need to go head to toe to prevent any blotchy patches or marks. Kristyn Pradas, the lady who has the privilege of spray-tanning the Victoria Secret Angels, advises you shave with a new razor and exfoliate the day before or day you apply the tan, and she's a tan expert! Always use an oil-free exfoliator! 

2) Moisturise those awkward areas!  

Once your washing and exfoliating are done you need to apply a lotion (that has no oil or fragrance) to the area's that are a little bit drier. These include your hands, from wrist to fingertips, backs of your heels and to your heels and elbows.If your face is normally dry you should apply a moisturiser about 20 minutes before applying your tan.

3) Sweaty Bettys - Throw on some powder!

If you're afraid your tan is going to crease if you sweat while out before heading out, throw on some talc-free baby powder on the trouble areas with a brush, for example, your elbows, armpits, and knees. This should prevent your skin from sweating as your tan develops but only put it on once your tan is dry.

4) Need a quick dry solution?

We have found a use for the cold setting on your hairdryer! If you're in a hurry but your tan is being sticky, wet and awkward all you need to do is give it a run over with the hairdryer and it will speed everything up! 

5) Make a mitt stick to tan those parts you cannot reach!

This one is pretty genius! The picture we located all that's to Pinterest is our new saviour for when we are home alone and can't reach that corner of our back!  


Happy Tanning