This Is How Much Naked Attraction Contestants Get Paid

This Is How Much Naked Attraction Contestants Get Paid
Tuáthla Lucey
Tuáthla Lucey

13 Sep 2018

If you haven't seen the show 'Need Attraction' it's basically a dating show where you pick your date based on their naked body. 

Yep, it's insane but here's the trailer; 

Now a former 'Naked Attraction' contestant has revealed how much he was paid to appear on the dating show. 

Gavin, from Edinburgh, revealed that if you appear on the show there is no financial payout. Contestants are only paid if they are left on standby and are not used on the controversial TV dating show.


 "You don't get paid if you're on the show. If you're on standby and you don't appear on the show then you get paid £75 for being in the room."

"They put up an advert on Facebook and it said there was a lack of interest from Scottish people.

"A few friends tagged me in it and said this would be perfect for you because half of Edinburgh has seen me naked at some point - I have a bit of a tendency to take my kit off - so I took them up on their offer.

"Then I applied and got invited for an audition." 

Credit: Channel 4
Photo Credit: Channel 4

Gavin revealed that he did the whole 45-minute interview completely naked, saying; "I went down to Newcastle, sat down and chatted with a camerawoman and a male interviewee.

"Then they said 'can you take your clothes off now and pitch yourself to us?' It lasted about 45 minutes. It wasn't so awkward, they made me feel at ease."

He went on to say; "It was all very good fun, good banter. It's sort of what you get in a football dressing room, everyone taking the p*ss out of themselves. Most of the people who appear on the show are quite like-minded." 

If you'd like to take part in the bizarre dating show, you can apply here.