The Islanders Become Parents Tonight

The Islanders Become Parents Tonight
Caitlín Griffin
Caitlín Griffin

25 Jul 2018

The couples will be woken up to the cries of six babies in tonight's Love Island!

Wes' 'Do Bits Society' has officially turned into Daddy Day Care as the couples will be embracing parenthood in the villa.

Complaints are already pouring in from some of the islanders, as Jack Fincham tells the Beach Hut Camera that the cries of the babies are driving him mad: "It's deafening, it goes through you. It goes through your head. It's like someone's just got a pool cue and stuck it straight through your ear holes."

Dr. Alex says that "the thought of having a child gives me palpitations," and Josh says it is no coincidence this is the first time he's gotten a headache in the villa: 

"How have I got a headache already? I've not had one headache since I've been here.

"A baby comes along and I've got a booming headache. Keep the babies as far away from me as possible, especially when they cry."

Megan also reveals that she can't even mind herself let alone a crying baby!

The baby names are as followed:

Jack and Dani have baby Kimberley Flo Fincham.

Josh and Kazimir's son is Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel.

Alex and Alexandra's daughter is named Ella Louise George.

Paul and Laura have baby girl Arabella Knops.

Wes and Megan's daughter is called Mia Ruby Nelson.

Laura and Jack eventually realise their baby boy is a baby girl, so the chose the name Aubrey Crane Fowler

None of them quite beat last year's Cash Hughes!