Statue Of Terry Wogan To Be Unveiled

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 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

2 Feb 2017

Limerick is set to honour the late Terry Woagn by erecting a statue in his honour. 

The confirmation came yesterday when Mayor of Limerick, Councillor Kieran O’Hanlon confirmed that plans were underway to erect the statue in Wogan's home town. The mayor was speaking to the Limerick Leader Yesterday and said: 

“Sir Terry was loved and adored throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and never forgot where he came from,” 

“He was a wonderful ambassador for Ireland and Limerick. He was proud to be from Limerick, and to be an Irishman in Britain at a time when it was hard, during the IRA bombings.''

“I have spoken to his family about the plans and will be in consultation with them again over the coming weeks''

The statue will feature the presenter sitting on a bench with a microphone in his hand, as if he’s interviewing someone. More details to come.....