Movies To Watch On TV This Weekend

Movies To Watch On TV This Weekend
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

1 Sep 2017

It's finally the weekend and if you're planning to stay in because your broke from last weekend we've got your viewing choices covered! What a line up of movies this weekend. There really is something for everyone. Make sure to check them out below and just to make it a little easier we've included trailers!!


RTE One - 'The Bachelor' - 11.50pm

RTE Two - 'Vantage Point' - 10.00pm

TV3 - 'Shaft' - 10.00pm

TV3 - 'Final Destination' - 12.00am

ITV2 - 'Inception' - 8.00pm



RTE One - 'Madagascar' - 7.05pm

RTE Two - 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' - 2.15pm

TV3 - 'Ghost' - 9.30pm

BBC One - 'The Full Monty' - 9.00pm

BBC Two - 'Whitney: Can I Be Me' - 9.00pm

UTV - 'Mamma Mia' - 3.30pm



RTE One - 'The Flintstones' - 2.45pm

RTE One - 'About A Boy' - 9.30pm

RTE One - 'Just Cause' - 11.20pm

RTE Two - 'Golden Eye' - 6.05pm

TV3 - 'The Blind Side' - 9.00pm

TG4 - 'Happy Feet Two' - 3.00pm