Movies To Watch On TV This Weekend

Movies To Watch On TV This Weekend
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

23 Jun 2017

It's finally the weekend and if you're planning to stay in because your broke from last weekend we've got your viewing choices covered! What a line up of movies this weekend. There really is something for everyone. Make sure to check them out below and just to make it a little easier we've included trailers!!


RTE 2 - Iron Man - 9:30pm


RTE 1 - The Princess Diaries - 6:35pm

RTE 1 - Bridesmaids - 9:40pm

RTE 2 - Get him To Greek - 9pm

TV3 - Lethal Weapon 4 - 10pm

be3 - Silent Grace - 9pm


RTE 1 - Admission - 9:30pm

RTE 2 - On Her Majesty's secret service - 6:25pm

TV3 - Loosing Isaiah - 9pm