Love Island Villa Secrets Revealed

Love Island Villa Secrets Revealed

27 Jun 2018

The Islanders are stuck inside the villa for seven weeks but we only get to peek in an hour each night. Naturally this leads to lots of questions...

Do they ever cook? Do they do their own hair and makeup? Have they any contact with the outside world?

Well thanks to a this week we have some of the answers!


The Islanders give a weekly grocery list to producers. Food is then delivered cooked each day. They eat while their mic batteries are getting changed and that's why we never see mealtimes aired.

Hair, Makeup & Tan

Islanders have access to unlimited Rimmel makeup.

While most do their own hair a hairdresser is on hand for emergencies.

Fake tan is banned in the villa. 

Cigarettes & Alcohol

After receiving complaints about the amount of smoking in the villa on previous series the smoking area was moved from the back garden. Islanders can visit the new smoking area at the front of the house and are given 20 cigarettes a day. Only one person is allowed to smoke at a time.

Rumours had been circulating that Islanders are limited to 2 glasses of wine a day but according to the tweet there is no alcohol limit. However, producers do monitor intake closely. 

Mobile Phones

Islanders do have mobile phones but they can't be used to access the internet or contact anyone in the outside world. They're strictly reserved for messaging each other and taking photos. 

The time must be incorrect on them as it's been reported that Islanders have no idea what time it is. They're not allowed to wear watches and the villa has no clocks. Creepy. 


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Even though Jack has started to make the bed cleaners visit the villa daily. Bed sheets are changed once a week and when our Islanders get ready for each evening the garden and outside areas are cleaned.


Islanders have access to wardrobes in the villa stocked with Missguided clothes.

They also have an unlimited supply of Love Island branded condoms. 

Another juicy piece of info that this tweet has taught us is that not all Islanders apply for the show. Some are scouted on Instagram by producers.

It looks like with and exes apparently headed for the Island. Maybe this is how they were contacted by the show...

Love Island continues tonight on 3e. 

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